Large-format dance show where the company’s fusion style reaches high levels of expression. The main character is the Earth which interacts with Fire, Water and Air to give birth to the human being: Man.

Its music, choreography, general design and stage are originally made by Lizt Alfonso, musician Denis Peralta and fine artist Erick Grass.

This show made its debut at Havana’s Grand Theater in 2002 and has been presented in the principal theaters of Cuba, in Colsubsidio Roberto Arias of Bogotá, Colombia and on important stages in Canada.


We are surrounded by an unknown world. Everything begins and everything finishes in the intimacy of the Earth.

From its center, beyond its instincts, its womb burns, the Fire spreads out.

Scene I. The Fire

Hot, coquettish and mocking, almost treacherous is the fire that spreads out itself in fluttering flame.
To the center, its heart is trying to submit the Earth.

Who is the owner?
Who yields before its force?

Scene II. The Water

A drop, two drops, one drop and one thousand drops each time. It is the rain that arrive, making the Earth grow a humid freshness that scares the Fire.
When it stops, it keeps one drop or maybe two.

Two drops, mirrors, lightings, homogenous and …….. It has an inexorable destiny that is to disappear, to join with the vast eternity.

Scene III. The Air

Now it is light, later it is violent; it plays with its own movement.
Now it is light, later it is violent, continuous and eternally spiral.
Now it is light, later it is violent; it comes backs and forth to the rhythm of time.

The breeze, like a foam shell, sets sail to the ocean.
Soft chisel, it sculptures its happiness with the wind.
It infinitely caresses the Earth in complicity with the Air.

Scene IV. The Earth.

It vibrates, shrinks, raises itself, shivers, suffers and gets over the pain in order to give birth to Man from its womb.

Scene V. The Man

He germinates from the depth of the Universe, grows toward the Air; he forges himself with the Fire, enjoys the fluid Water´s tremor, embraces the Earth and LIVES.


The Earth, the Fire, the Water, the Air and the Man harmoniously interact in the immensity of the Universe.

Creator, Script Writer and Choreographer: Lizt Alfonso
Music and Composer: Denis Peralta
Set, Costume and Lighting designs: Erick Grass