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The Ballet Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba was set up and grew without adequate facilities to develop its work for almost fifteen years.

Some small studios at Old Havana’s House of Culture and the Concepción Arenal Students Society welcomed its dancers and musicians at the beginning, as well as several dozens of students among the hundreds who wanted to register.

Once it was recognized by the Culture Ministry and adhered to the National Performing Arts Council, it became a resident company at the Gran Teatro de La Habana, where it made use of most of its largest studios; however, this was not enough for the company’s great dreams and projects.

Despite these and other shortages, the Ballet Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba earned prestige and recognition for its professional work and the important social significance of its work with children and young people; that is why, in 2003 the decision was made to repair and renovate an old building in Old Havana to house the company’s headquarters and vocational workshops.

The cozy and well-preserved facility is located at 659, Calle Compostela, entre Luz y Acosta and is part of the architectural context surrounding the Square of the old Belén Convent, the largest religious construction built in the 18th century in the Cuban capital. Thus, it is inserted in the big rehabilitation project that the Havana City Historian Office conducts in the area.

The building was constructed in 1927 for the “Seoane y Fernández” printing house according to what it can be read on its facade- and is surrounded by residential buildings and others, most of which date back to the first decade of the 20th century.

Construction works included not only the technical-constructive rehabilitation of the facility, but also the necessary special and environmental changes that its new functions required, including the installation of technical equipment, such as sound and lighting.

In that way the Ballet Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba headquarters has 4 rehearsal studios (two small studios, a medium-sized studio and a large one) equipped with sprung-floors, mirrors and dressing rooms.

It also includes a rehearsal and recording studio for the company’s music group and a gym for the physical training of company members.

Other areas were prepared for a wardrobe department, an audiovisual room, storage facilities, pantry, cafeteria, administrative offices and other services, in line with the needs of the hard work that the company carries out.

Academia Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba

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