The Lizt Alfonso Dance School in Cuba enjoys great popularity and prestige as an instructive and entertaining way for children and young people to spend their free time receiving classes in the dance styles that compose Fusion, the signature dance style of the Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC) Company. One of the Dance School’s main attractions is that its teachers are all dancers in LADC. Thus students can follow their teachers’ performances from training, to rehearsal, to stage as inspirational examples of dancers at work.

The School started in 1992 in the House of Culture of Old Havana – barely a year after the LADC Company was established. Later, the School was generously housed by the Concepción Arenal Student Society, where it remained until 2003, when it took up residence in the Gran Teatro of Havana. Since 2004, the School has been located at the LADC Company headquarters in the Historic Centre of Havana.

For more than 25 years children and adolescents have passed through the School’s classrooms, cultivating a love for art, dance, and music while they develop discipline, perseverance, lifelong goals, teamwork and personality. At present, the school has an enrolment of more than one thousand students, organized in groups by age and level of knowledge.

Each year, in the second half of September, interested children between 6 and 7 years of age are invited to participate in weekly Interest Circles. The rest of the School’s groups, which are each assigned the name and the colour of a flower (daisies, poppies, orchids, etc.), are made up of students between 8 and 16 years of age who continue to participate after they have concluded the Interest Circle experience. They receive two weekly classes each one hour long.

The Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba School makes several special presentations during each course in the important theaters of Havana: “1, 2, 3… everybody on stage”, in December, “Spring galas”, in April, y “One thousand children on stage… and more”, in June. Moreover, they participate as special guests in different events and television programs. Each course, which runs from September to June, closes with a grand gala in which students demonstrate to the public what they have learned.