Since its founding, it has been the purpose of Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC) to professionally train dancers in the Fusion style that characterizes the Company. For that reason, just a year after the Company was founded, the Lizt Alfonso Dance School in Cuba was launched. The following year the Children and Youth Ballet was established.  These have been the natural springs from which LADC draws its talents.


The year 2008 marked a major new milestone in LADC’s teaching objectives: an accredited Dance School affiliated to the National School of Art (ENA) was established at the LADC headquarters. Students of this School fulfil a rigorous curriculum composed of the subjects corresponding to an upper middle level State education with a specialty in dance-Fusion.


Students receive daily instruction in academic subjects from experienced teachers, as well as daily instruction by renowned teachers in the subjects of their specialty (Dance-fusion, Flamenco, Ballet, Choreographic composition, Modern dance , Folk Dances, Stylization, Kinesiology and Appreciation of music, among other options). During the three year accredited course, students of the Arts School participate in galas and shows with their own repertoire, in addition to performing with the LADC Company and groups from the non-academic dance school.

The professional career is the direct quarry of professional dancers of LADC.