DANCECOREO International 2021: A Dream Come True!

21 de June de 2021
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DANCECOREO International 2021: A Dream Come True!

The last days were wonderful for DANCECOREO International 2021, a contest of emotions, creativity, alliances and paths woven by dance around the world.

After nine weeks of competition, we are pleased to announce the Awards Gala from the Martí Theater in Havana, Cuba. The big day will be next Friday 25th and will be premiered on the YouTube channel “Lizt Alfonso” at 14:00 hrs (Cuba).

«Dancecoreo International 2021: A Dream Come True»

The program includes live performances by the Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba company and it will have as guests a part of the prestigious DANCECOREO Jury. You can also know all about mentions, first, second, third awards, multiple scholarships and specials awards, as well as the long awaited Grand Prix will be announced. All thanks to the Allies and Sponsors of the event.

The competition closed with more than 200 choreographies and 600 participants from 13 countries and 45 cities, all connected in the online universe. This experience of DANCECOREO International 2021 was very enriching and showed that, at times like these, the union from anywhere in the world, space and dance style contributes and stimulates choreographic creation.

Cuba had the largest participation and among all the recordings received, the choreographies performed in professional locations and From Home stand out. Several themes were addressed in the works, such as: violence, in particular gender violence, homeless people, the sensitive issue of animal abuse, addictions, mental disorders and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Details of each prize and scholarship to be awarded at DANCECOREO International 2021 will be available on this link. In addition, the social media profiles liztalfonsodancecuba and the professional profile of Lizt Alfonso, creator of this event, will share details of the results, behind-the-scenes moments and many more surprises.

DANCECOREO International will not stop, so expect many more news about this competition that is here to stay. We will see you in 2022!

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